Famous 2009 ROBLOX Account! with 3 Million Visits, 4K ROBUX, 200K+ RAP

I’m giving out a Famous ROBLOX Account made back in 2009
I don’t know how much the limited that I have are but 3/4 of them are off-sale.

What it has:

– Over 3 Million Place Visits. (Roblox won’t show the actual visits from the hidden/deactivated places)
– 4K Robux.
– 50K Tickets. (Unfortunately I couldn’t see the tickets anymore)
– 200K RAP.
– Lots of OFFSALE Hats.
– Lots of OFFSALE Gear.
– Lots of OFFSALE Faces.
– This account had BC thrice, OBC once.
– Lots of Decals. (Some of them no longer free)
– Lots of Models. (Some of them no longer free)
– Numerous Badges.
– Lots of Clothing.
– Famous Places.

This account is free and Available to Claim


If you have any questions feel free to send us a message.